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Tanya Penny

Tanya Penny inspires and empowers women to heal their struggle with stress, weight, and illness. Tanya supports her clients to step into a positive self-image with a balanced, healthy body and lifestyle so they can joyfully live a life of passion and ultimate freedom.

After healing her own struggle with anxiety, weight, and multiple sclerosis, Tanya is devoted to supporting women to discover the underlying cause of their anxiety, weight, or illness and teaching them tools to release and heal them (for good).

Carolyn Cooper

Carolyn’s a happily married, mother of 5 children who is a gifted energy healing practitioner, certified professional coach, author, and CEO of Carolyn Cooper International, Inc.  Her style is practical and down-to-earth, without any hype or mysticism, just purely and simply speaking the language of the energy systems to help them align and balance.

Her methods can quickly locate flaws in the ancestral-emotional DNA and repair wounds of the past, some of which have been contained in the lineage for many generations. This powerful method of healing changes energy patterns, transforms behavior and shifts subconscious beliefs. Clients report profound and life-changing results, typically after only one session.

Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky

Amazon best selling authors, entrepreneurs, bio-hackers, speakers, and Life Upgrade Coaches. They are founders of They research and develop powerful programs for better health and personal development. Their latest work is around the central importance of sleep in weight loss and overall well-being.

Their individual and collective work focuses on helping people move beyond the “guru” mentality to a place of individual power. Whether it’s business, health or relationships, they bring their years of experience and knowledge to effectively helping people.

Kushla Chadwick

Kushla Chadwick, is known as The Zen of Female Entrepreneurs and with a background in Energy Psychology (EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting), is known for her ability to bring out the best in other entrepreneurs. She is the creator and host of the Step Up, Stand Out 3 Day Virtual Event for small business female entrepreneurs, a speaker, writer and an entrepreneur mentor.

She loves helping other women to make money online, doing what they love  (without getting stressed out and overwhelmed) and in a way that puts people first.


Anna Brouhard

Anna Brouhard is Founder of Mama Blossom where she is  Lifestyle Coach For Moms.  She guides moms to get healthy, happy, thrive & feel amazing.  She helps moms who want to reconnect to the woman within, so they can get it all done at home and work while staying delightfully sane. The mamas she work with crave happy spirit love filled lives. They value themselves, their dreams and their families, and recognize that their  happiness affects the health and happiness of their homes, children, and partners. I help them organize their inner and outer worlds, and start nurturing themselves.

Bec Robbins

Bec Robbins is the “Create What You Want” coach and founder of the My Mandala Manifestation Method®.

She works with women to cultivate the skills and healing necessary to connect with their life’s purpose and create the intimate relationships and financial liberation they desire and deserve.

Bec is also a seasoned on-screen actor, serial entrepreneur, single mother and avid yogi who has been supporting and guiding women into self-expression and empowerment for over a decade.

Her philosophy is simple: You are the creator of your reality. Consciously creating your life from the TRUTH of who you are, using the blueprint of your Life’s Purpose as your guide, will lead you to your deepest freedom and fulfilment.

Robyn Chuter

Robyn Chuter is a naturopath, counsellor and EFT therapist who specialises in helping people overcome emotional eating, food addiction and poor body image, so they can make friends with their bodies, have a healthy relationship with food, lose weight effortlessly… and keep it off for good.

She is the creator of ‘The Lean’ Program, has an interest in healing chronic and ‘incurable’ disease and is on a mission to help you be your happiest, healthiest you.

Morry Zelcovitch

Morry Zelcovitch, is the creator of The Morry Method™.  He first noticed the effects that sounds and tones had on his own mental state well over 20 years ago. This led to a decades long journey deep into the study of brainwave entrainment.

His goal is to bring the proven benefits of brainwave entrainment to everyone. If your life is nothing but joyful, The Morry Method™ can provide a pleasurable enhancement to take it up a notch. More importantly, if you are struggling with any aspect of your life — or if you are living with stress in any of it’s incarnations — The Morry Method™ of brainwave entrainment can help.


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Jairek Robbins

Jairek Robbins is a Rapid Results Strategist and Extraordinary Adventurer. He’s a professional speaker with a mission to help other’s gain extraodinary results rapidly.

He helps you to tap into your unlimited potential and gain maximum momentum, to make a massive difference in your life, and make a lasting difference in the lives of others as well.

Sarah Newstead and Amy McDonald

 Sarah Newstead & Amy McDonald are wellness experts on a mission to support women worldwide to create a nourishing daily practice that they love. In their work both Sarah (Kinesiologist and intuitive mentor) and Amy (yoga teacher and wellness coach) noticed that clients were constantly asking them how to set up a daily practice for themselves. So they founded the ‘I {heart} my daily practice community’ with a online speaker series, facebook community, live events, coaching and Bali retreats where women gather together for a week in tropical paradise to develop a daily practice that supports them when they get home.

Inna Segal

Inna Segal is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and the award winning best-selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health & Wellness, The Secret Language of Colour Cards and her latest breakthrough book, The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions.

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna is an orthomolecular nutritionist, mindfulness coach and public speaker passionate about showing people how to create a life without limits. She is also the creator of the Life Change Plan – ’50 Weeks’.

Nathalie’s unique program is based on the six powerful, healing pillars she used herself to successfully overcome bulimia, emotional eating, depression, co-dependency, and bacteriophobia.


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Rachel and Greg Denning

Rachel and Greg Denning  are normal people – except they live a ridiculously awesome life!

In 2007 they decided to sell all our stuff and ‘go nomad’.  Their decision was based on a burning desire to live deliberately – and wanting to consciously design their family lifestyle to include the things that really mattered to us — travel, adventure, language, culture, fun, education and making a positive impact on the world.

Rachel is an education mentor, writer, author and photographer and Greg is a mentor, author, motivator, hero, doer of all dirty jobs and known as a ‘walking anti-depressant’.

Dana Roc

Dana Roc is the creator of Dana Delivered.  Dana creates every bit of content and handpicks every guest to encourage you to LIVE LIFE OUT LOUD and add richness and challenge to the way you live everyday. Dana will introduce you to people and themes that are unpredictable, pique your curiosity, provoke a response, elevate your conversation, show you how to build on your successes and invite you to live life beyond what you think is possible.

Mia Rose

Mia Rose is a registered psychologist who has helped individuals and couples to navigate the challenges of life, love and relationships for more than twenty years.

She is also author of ‘Awaken To Love’ and ‘Supercharge Your Sex Life’ and offers 52 weeks of ‘Love Illuminations’, to help you replace disharmony and conflict with peace and happiness.

Lorna Patten

Lorna Patten from Open Up Communication is widely respected as an expert working with business owners, managers and teams to create open, honest and responsible communication. Compassionate and dynamic, Lorna rigorously challenges you to think differently about the way things are and how they could be. When you engage with Lorna, she will confront you with truths that are truly life changing.


Jenny Laton

Learn the power of creating better health in your body and more organisation in your life with professional organiser and fitness enthusiast Jenny Layton. Drawing upon her years of experience of both working with others and personally implementing these practices, Jenny teaches health and organizing systems that contribute to a living a happier life. Best of all, she utilizes the power of the mind to help these positive behaviors become an easy and natural part of a balanced life. Jenny is the owner and creator of the blog The Happy Gal, and the author of the newly released book “Healthy Eating The Happy Gal Way.”

Bill Davison

Dr Bill Davison is one of Australia’s leading authorities on Holistic health care who loves helping others to feel empowered in all aspects of living. He has been a practising Chiropractor, Osteopath and Naturopath since 1977.  He created ‘Wholistic Integrated Natural Systems’ (W.I.N.S), which is a combination of many different clinical diagnostic and treatment methods.

Bill is the founder of the Academy of Total Personal Development, which gives seminars on health, motivation and personal development. He lectures internationally and is the author of The Magnificent Mind and Lord of The Genes.

Antonietta Natoli

Antonietta Natoli is a natural health practitioner who uses Homeopathy, Health Mentoring, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help you achieve your health goals.  One of Antonietta’s key drivers is her passion to work with people to help them get BEYOND a given illness or constraint.

Antonietta noticed the disturbing trend, that many chronic health sufferers have either forgotten or given up on realising their full potential; many are happy just to just get relief. This approach sells their life short. As Antonietta sees it, there are always options, often more accessible than one might think.

Sandra Keros

After leading a very active, social lifestyle with a demanding corporate career, Sandra suffered the onset of painful fibromyalgia that lasted four years, leaving her wondering whether she might end up alone and in a wheelchair. Despite doubts by doctors and certain family members about her condition, in 2005, she cured her fibromyalgia within six months by changing her food and attitude, and has been pain free ever since. After years of practicing as a holistic health counselor, Sandra is now sought after as a public speaker and is writing a book on hope and healing using the inspirational stories of people who have overcome disease against all odds.

Tina Dietz

Known as “the Voice of 10,000 Thriving Businesses,” Tina Dietz MS, NCC works with services-oriented entrepreneurs internationally, coaching you to create time and money freedom while living your purpose and passion. Through her Success Funnel System™, Tina brings together her expertise from the worlds of business, psychology, neuroscience, and “human design” to show her clients how to create a powerful vision for their lives and bring that vision into reality every time. Tina has served 20+ industries and counting, working with clients around the world through her powerful speaking engagements and personal coaching programs for entrepreneurs and professionals. Tina has been featured on ABC and dozens of radio shows like the Million Dollar Mindset Show and The Great Metamorphosis, and she lives internationally with her husband and two children in Costa Rica, Florida, and New York.